Our mission

From the beginning Sogassi tried and succeeded to become a key player on the Gabon market through professionalism managing to become a reliable partner for well known companies. One of our most important objectives in this period was to identify the best solutions for our clients and our commitments to ensure that their projects proceed in an impeccable manner .

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Our vision

Backed by an extensive experience, we have ambitious plans for the future. We strive to play a key role in complex projects regarding the identification, delivery and maintenance of equipment for the gas and oil industry and beyond, responding to the highest technical and professional expectations.

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About us

We are a company from Gabon (Africa), based in Port Gentil and we are specialized in studies, research, identification and supply of equipment for your recurring projects and needs in terms of maintenance and inventory management in oil & gas, electricity, automation, manufacturing of switchboards, instrumentation, fittings, mechanics, special machinery and EPI.

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